Founders Benjamin Pawlak and Molly Sanford have versatile musical careers. Learn more about the background of Towner Studios and their professional music journey.


​Benjamin Pawlak holds Master of Music degrees in piano from The Juilliard School and Texas Christian University, and a Bachelor's degree from Ithaca College. More information about his piano career can be seen on his website.

Although always interested in composing music, Benjamin did not take his first composition class until the fall of 2015. In 2017, he continued lessons at TCU. His works have since been premiered in venues from Texas to upstate New York to Italy. Ben has composed, performed, and produced a 5-song EP and a 75-minute solo piano collection. He has also recorded his "Two Nocturnal Songs for Voice and Piano" with bass Michael Galvin.

Benjamin has extensively composed for orchestra in the form of film scores. Outside of independent projects totaling over 6 hours of music, he has participated in three short scoring competitions and was selected as a finalist in the Indie Film Music Contest of November 2020. 

During 2020, Ben focused on publishing and producing his music as professional audio tracks, sheet music scores, and audiovisual works. He developed video production skills through the Music Academy of the West's Remote Learning Institute Digital Challenge, in which his multimedia collaborative project "Small Hills, NY" was featured. This would later develop into the EP Empty Corners, with Ben contributing both the film and the music. 

In 2022, Benjamin has written music for four short films, two of which will be screened at film festivals in New York City this coming November. His upcoming projects include collaborations with film students from USC, NYU, and Columbia University.


Music Editor, Mixing & Mastering Engineer 

​Molly is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She specializes in contemporary music, American music, and film scores, and her minor area of study is musicology. She holds teaching positions for both group piano and private lessons. Her website for her performing and teaching career can be seen here

Molly has worked as a music editor and mixing and mastering engineer in a variety of settings. What began as a hobby through restoration work on audio from films grew into a productive skillset, with work on solo recital recordings for herself and colleagues. She now has experience in editing, mixing, and mastering for strings and piano, solo and chamber works, vocal ensembles, conference presentations, temp scoring for films, and with digital orchestra samples. 

With composer Benjamin Pawlak, she has been the music editor for over 6 hours of independent film music and has performed extensive mixing and mastering to orchestral sample libraries for the final results. She also provided the mix and master for the 5-song EP Empty Corners and the album Solo Piano Works: Volume I, and for several piano and collaborative pieces throughout 2020. With composer Jacy Pedersen and recording engineer Abi Seguin, she worked as the mixing and mastering engineer for the premiere of Pedersen's opera Pretentious Hermeneutic Drivel: A Guide to Graduate School. Molly has edited and mastered several piano and violin performances at CCM along with using subsidiary skills in video editing to produce final recital presentations. Most recently, she worked on the final mix and master for a living room concert series in Horseheads, NY (in which she is also featured with Benjamin Pawlak as a piano duo). 

At Towner Studios, Molly has taken on many production roles, developing skills as a creative consultant and web designer as the studio was established. She continues to provide organizational cataloguing and graphic design in addition to mixing and mastering work for new projects by Benjamin Pawlak.

Benjamin and Molly met in 2017 and quickly discovered a shared love of film scores. It has since been their goal to develop their respective skills and establish themselves as a team in the industry. While working towards that goal, they have been able to work on a variety of composition and editing projects in the classical and film music worlds.

Towner Studios was started in 2019 to produce composition projects. This became an outlet to develop and showcase their work in music composition and music editing respectively. They have since published many solo piano pieces, orchestral scores for short films, chamber music, and collaborative digital works. They have independently produced over 6 hours of music for film scores. Their multimedia work "Small Hills, NY" was featured in the Music Academy of the West's Remote Learning Institute Digital Challenge, and their score for "Caminandes 3 - Llamigos" was selected as a finalist in the November 2020 Indie Film Music Contest. They recently created a 5-song EP titled Empty Corners. Both pianists, they have also collaborated on duo repertoire in a concert later produced digitally by Towner Studios. Future works will be added to their Music Library.