Piano Works

12 Short Pieces (2017)

I. Elsewhere - II. Still - III. Nowadays - IV. Forward - 

V. After - VI. Far - VII. Upward - VIII. Sometimes - 

IX. Somewhat - X. Anyway - XI. Thrice - XII. Ahead

16 Short Pieces (2020)

16 Untitled Movements

Nocturnal Songs for Voice and Piano (2020)

I. Good Hours - II. Acquainted with the Night

Process (2020)

An acoustic version of music written for "Pangaea" by Livesay Ether. The original version as well as the film can be heard and seen here.

Sonata Miniatures (2018)

I. Pastorale - II. Interlude - III. Vif

Stargazers (2018)

Solo piano transcription of "Stargazers" from John Williams' score for "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"

Static Movement (2021)

Recorded performance on a Yamaha P-105 and later digitally produced with added reverb, mixing, and mastering.

Variations on an Irish Ballad  (2019)

Theme - Variations (15) - Coda

Appendix: Five Unused Variations (contact for purchase)